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AWS Architecture

From single page websites to multi-tier server-less enterprise web applications, we can fuse the perfect array of AWS services and technologies to bring your project to life. The scalability and architecture of an application can make or break a project's success in the long run.

Managed Services

Our managed services include development and production environment setups, automation and configuration management, PCI-DSS/PII analysis and compliance mandates, complete data management and architecture, disaster recovery plans, comprehensive monitoring and analytics services, premium support and more …

Cloud Security

Our security services include 24x7 intrusion detection monitoring, malware protection, patch monitoring and patching, file systems integrity monitoring, SSL and encryption layer technology, system venerability probe scanning and more …

Cost Control

With the complexity of the AWS eco system, cost management is becoming one of the most sought after services from our clients. We look for unused, underutilized and miss-configured services that could be costing you thousands in unnecessary fees.

Analytics & Monitoring

The backbone of any operational robust system is a comprehensive monitoring and analytics solution. We can provide solutions that monitor every aspect of your application from site usage to deep synthetics. Our analytics suits will help you maximize growth and retention through detailed real-time data analysis.

24/7 Rapid Response

Your success is our success. We are highly committed to our client’s needs and requirements. We are within reach 24/7 365 day a year. Our response team works diligently to keep all of your systems optimized and running.

Our clients


Steve a.k.a. Ninja

Steve a.k.a. Ninja

Cloud Ninja

A  true ninja of DevOps and a 5th Black Belt in AWS, Steve has been building application platforms and infrastructure for decades. His passion for the cloud is virtually unmatched. He keeps his balance by playing soccer and volunteering at the cub scouts.

Reza a.k.a. Rez

Reza a.k.a. Rez

Nerd Extraordinaire

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